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Our Magento eCommerce developers can handle all of your custom requirements.
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Magento 2 platform bring new opportunities to your business.



Magento Migration

Take the bull by the horns and migrate your store to Magento 2 with our Web developers. We will make sure that the entire process runs smoothly.


UX & UI Design

You will stand out from the crowd with a custom design. We take care of the unique design but don’t forget about the readability of the online store. 


Custom Magento 2 development

Custom eCommerce development helps match solutions for your company. Prepare a draft of the project with us. We pass it to our web developers to make their coding magic!


Project documentations

Every step of the Magento 2 development process is preceded by a thorough review of the project documentation. As a result, our collaboration will go off without a hitch.


Magento 2 Optimization

We always strive to get the most of what we can from Magento 2, which is why we increase website speed as much as possible.


Magento 2 Integration

Go the extra mile and upgrade your store with additional plugins and extensions with us. Grow your business and raise the bar of competition.


Development Process



Business analysts look at project in the big picture. They try to involve every important aspects in market analysis to help understand your potential customers and improve your online store. The rest of the team (web developers, designers, etc.) works based on analyst research.


Information architecture

In this step, we are creating a structure that focuses on the functionality of each web page. Our eCommerce developers consider a variety of criteria, including the extensions, navigation system, and content layout. We’ll mostly concentrate on the website’s overall operation.


UX & UI design

When you choose a custom design over a pre-made theme, our Web designer will build a one-of-a-kind Magento Website design that is tailored to your specific business goals. We will take care of everything from matching the colors to the pleasant use of the interface.


Development work

Our developers create Magento 2 store starting work by setting up od web hosting as the foundation. They are based on previously prepared documentation and drafts. Our e-commerce developers create code based on defined criteria and prepare documentation on a regular basis, realizing the value of clear and understandable code.



All intended integrations with other systems are implemented at this point. This process can be a challenge for developers, but our team will definitely be up to it.


Testing & Launching

Before the launching process, we are testing strongly all links, buttons, and etc., to eliminate any mistakes. We also make the last optimization fixes. Website launch can be a tricky process but luckily our team handles all those smoothly.



After setting the website in motion we hand over the reins to you and show you how to manage your website. Don’t worry the Magento 2 Platform is user-friendly so you quickly learn how it works.

Magento Development Agency

Developers in B4SPOT with years of experience are up to create solutions that give you an advantage over the competition. Contact us to know which Magento development solutions are for you.

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