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Automate your Supply Chain and store managing with Magento solutions.

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Marketing and Supply Chain Automation

Our developers many times provide custom extensions to automated supply chain processes in Magento. On every project, we are constantly on the lookout for the best solutions.


Integrate Magento platform and ERP systems and say goodbye to managing orders by hand. ERP Magento 2 automation makes possible real-time inventory tracking.


Increases sales and loyalty with omnichannel retail. Give better shopping experiences to your client! All sales channels can be available to the customer and they are connected.
With the Magento platform, you get communication tools like Omnisend Automation, Mailchimp.

POS System

POS system integration with Magento provides a simple checkout process and various payment methods (Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayU, Blik, iDEAL, WeChat Pay, etc.). You can also implement gift cards, personal discounts, group pricing.


We can offer you the automation of shipping-related processes, thanks to which you will save time. This also applies to the automated printing of system orders, which involves running the printer in the background without downloading documents. You can also  


Integration Magento 2 with SALESmanago allows you to expand the client base about extra information. Both platforms exchange between them data like transaction information, contents cart. Synchronization occurs in real-time. 


We can integrate your current store with the most popular marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Shopee, and many others. Expand your potential customer list by opening up to new sales channels.

Or we can create a multi-vendor solution for you so that you can share your selling platform with others.


Trade without your own products! Create an online shop with dropshipping automation for example Magento Aliexpress Dropshipping integration.

Fulfillment Services

By choosing 3PL fulfilment you get rid of the costs of renting warehouse space and you can focus on growing your business and selling your products. Fulfilment centres ensure faster shipping and you don’t worry about time deliveries, it is great to supply chain automation. We help you create an e-store full integrate with this type of logistics.

..and lots more!

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