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Why You Should Migrate to Magento 2.x?

Magento 1 is no longer supported by Adobe. That means no security update and change or development will be introduced.
Magento 2 platform brings new opportunities to your business. 



Magento 2 supports algorithms that reject scam orders and reduce attacks. Adobe ensure regularly security patches if they found any issues. 


Speed improvements

The average time page load is faster than Magento 1 by around 50%. Magento 2 allows seeing the page before the entire page loads. The platform has also image optimization tools that work on servers.


Better UX & CX

Magento 2 provides easy to use admin panel but also takes care of customer experience. Responsive design is standard for Magento 2 in contrast to Magento 1.



Magento 2 has totally different architecture and supports a lot of new technologies. It opens more space for customization or optimization. New technologies that developers can use: RequireJS, Composer, Symphony, and more. 


Migration Process



We conduct the audit to get information about the current state of your store. We are testing your integration and plugins also make an in-depth analysis of customer behavior and conversions of the store. The result is a report that includes UX design, UI design, page performance, and more.



Wireframing significantly affects the rest of the project. We get a thorough understanding of customer requirements and plan the implementation taking into account the possibilities of Magento, current website, and the client's budget. It is the most important step in the project, all store functionality is documented.


Data base Migration

To eliminate the risk of data loss or damage, we first make a backup. If there are any errors, they will be documented and fixed. The client has the opportunity to verify every record. After that, we switch the website to the ‘maintenance mode'. During migration, we make every effort to keep all data safe. All process takes no more than a few hours.


Extension Implementations

Magento extensions are one of the first things to consider during backend development. The plan in which implementations will be executed helps establish the entire structure of the design. Once selected, extensions will be installed and checked.



Depending on the customer's choice we work on ready-made themes or create a custom-built layout. If the client chooses the custom design we work out UX functionality, website responsivity on all devices from mobile to desktop. SEO Specialists are involved in each stage. All projects we make from scratch as a result of clients receiving distinctive design well-tailored to necessity.


Front-End development work 

Based on prepared documentation our developers start working. They built the website from the foundation. The last step is to implement the platform. And when everything is update, we don't find any mistakes in the test, your new online store is ready for customers!

How much does Migration to Magento 2.x cost?

When we price a project we take into account several important variables: 

From what version do you want to upgrade your store?

"I need migrate my store from Magento 1 version"

Due to the fact that the Magento 1 structure is different than Magento 2, Migration can consume a lot of time. It requires copying data by hand and uploading it again. The cost and duration of the project depend on what and how much data must be transferred.

From €2200

"I want upgrade store on Magento 2 to newest version"

Due to the same structure, the upgrade to the latest version takes less time. We make sure that the entire process runs smoothly and safely.

From €1000

How many extensions do you have to migrate?

"I have some custom features"

Extensions can be of varying degrees of complexity. After auditing the current store, our developers determine how much time will be spent on migrating the plugins.

From €40 per hour

"I don't have any features to move"

The lack of extensions shortens the duration of the project and developers.

At no extra charge

Do your shop requires UI&UX design? 

"Yes, I need custom design"

Designers prepare unique design, that takes into account users’ experience. The ease of navigating brings better sales results.

From €1500

"I want to use ready-made theme"

You don’t need a custom design. We install premade layout and adjust colors, fonts, category for your products.

From €300

Do you need any new extensions?

"Yes, my business require some new features"

Due to experience, you know that you need to develop your eCommerce platform about extensions that help you optimize work or give clients new opportunities.

From €40 per hour

"No, thanks for the offer"

Your store doesn’t require any new specific features. You only want to use basic Magento platform functionalities.

At no extra charge


What is the biggest challenge in moving your store?

One of the most challenging stages of Magento 2 migration is taking into account all aspects, such as structure and customizable parts. During the entire project, we want to ensure you that the process runs safely.

How long does it take to migrate to Magento 2.x?

The time of all processes depends on how many customizations, extensions, and data we must migrate also from the number of changes the client will make during works. The average process takes 2 months, but bigger projects can take 10 months.

Should I upgrade Magento 2.x to magento 2.4.4?

When the store works properly the upgrading process seems redundant, but to keep your shop safe and protect from potentially cyber-attacks accounts, you should install all patches. The new version of Magento 2 has many security improvements and features (like the support of PayPal Pay Later). Update your shop and stay competitive on the market.
If you want to download the newest version go here.

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